Speed Running - It's got legs!02/01/2011 16:56

I was surfing the Internet yesterday when I came along a new speedrun of Quake. I remember seeing these when I was a kid so finding that people were still trying to better their time on a 15 year old game came as a surprise.

The video below sees Quake completed on 'Nightmare' mode with 100% kills and secrets in just 52 minutes! It sounds boring but give it 5 minutes and you might find yourself hooked - it's fairly hypnotic.

A couple of months ago someone managed to complete Portal in just 9 minutes by using glitches and bugs present in the game. That's certainly worth a watch and is below. If you're interested the making of is also here

Speedrunning has become quite a competitive sport within some circles on the Internet. The "Speed Demo Archive" will be hosting an event from the 6th till the 11th January 2011 which sees people competing to speed run through 100 games in 4 days all in the name of charity.

Tool Assisted Speedruns add a new dimension by using emulators to frame advance, ensuring that every move is perfect. Below is a video where Super Mario 64 is completed in just 5 minutes with no stars using wall glitches.


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