Minecraft is awesome!14/12/2010 19:02
I bought Minecraft a few months ago and I've lost a lot of time and (mental) energy playing it.

Essentially the premise of the game is to mine materials and then use these to either "craft" objects (such as a pick axe, books, glass e.t.c.) or use them to construct buildings.

Seems simple enough... oh hang about...

Son of a...

Turns out enemies (referred to as "mobs") are out to wreck your day. This ones called a creeper - it's practically silent until it's up in your grill. After hearing the dreaded "HSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssss" noise, it explodes, taking you and whatever you were pouring your heart and soul into with it. There are other enemy mobs such as zombies, spiders and skeletons but none elect the pure hatred and fear that creepers earn.

In addition, there are also friendly mobs. These are pigs, cows, chickens and sheep. Pigs can be killed for their meat which can recover life, cows are sacrificed for leather to make armour, chickens lay eggs which can't presently be used and sheep can be beaten with a stick till they relinquish their wool.

PC Gamer have a pretty good feature running at the moment here. Basically a guy's diary of his progress with a decent level of humour thrown in for good measure.

I might write another article at a later date which goes into more detail.
If you don't mind losing great chunks of your time to something which, ultimately, amounts to nothing (a little like watching X-Factor) then give it a go! It's currently in alpha meaning that it's half price although the beta is being released later this month meaning you need to get it there quick if you want it on the cheap! You can buy it from the official website at http://www.minecraft.net.


P.S. I hate these Facebook comments - they're slow and don't work. When I'm feeling less lazy I'll remove them and write my own commenting system.

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