Welcome to Backseat Gamer24/11/2010 23:29
Hi all,

I'm Kez and this is my website, Backseat Gamer.
I originally owned this website from 2002 - 2005 with moderate success until I started university and let the domain expire. Due to nostalgia and the addition of "Backseat Gamer" into the Urban Dictionary, I re-purchased the domain in 2009 with the full intent to re-create the winning formula of years gone past (actually the old site was a pile of shit looking back at it but enough on that).

Unfortunately this appears to have been a failure seeing as it's been nearly two years since I took the domain back. Instead of turning this into a proper news and review website, I've now decided to use it as my own personal blog of nonsense. I will attempt to keep it all primarily around games but who the hell knows.

Thanks for reading!


I've left lots of junk around in case I feel like working on it some more! Please ignore it.
You're welcome to try the forums but they are broken and you wouldn't get a reply anyway!
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