Minecraft is awesome - part 2!02/07/2011 19:32

I've spent my day messing around with the new Minecraft pistons in the 1.7 update released a few days ago. The results are in the video above!

I originally wanted to create a self building infinite bridge but my plan was scuppered after I discovered the pistons could only handle pushing up to 12 blocks at a time. Disappointed, I then decided that I'd make a self building floor and it was surprisingly easy.

If I can find the patience then I'd like to use this on a huge multi-story building and somehow make it necessary to blow each floor up to progress to the next level.

Sorry about the picture quality. I used Windows Movie Maker as I was too lazy to hunt for an alternative. I was also going to speed up the middle of the video which is something that WMM allowed you to do in earlier versions but it seems Microsoft have decided to actively remove features in, what I assume, to be a way of making it easier for newbies to use. Couldn't they have an advanced mode? Skip to about 9:30 if you find it's getting boring as it takes ages to build completely, plus I kill a chicken to appease the Minecraft gods.

Minecraft chicken sacrifice

*** UPDATE ***

Due to request, the map is available to download here - enjoy!

03/07/2011 16:57:01 - rev.
any chance of a download of your world for a better look?

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