WTF is this? A Tiger!23/05/2011 22:57
Tiger console

This is Tiger Electronic's failed attempt at a Gameboy competitor. The oft-overlooked handheld can easily be found to purchase on auction websites if you're so inclined but finding out historical information can be tricky.

Released in the back-end of 1997, not only was it the first touch screen handheld by a long stretch, it also 'enjoyed' Internet connectivity via an optional 14.4Kbps external modem!

Tiger games

I've also acquired some games and I'm hoping to post up a few snippets with my honest opinion of them. Early indications suggest that they're a bag of balls and totally hindered by the console's appalling one channel sound and laughable refresh rate. If I was going to be generous, I'd say I was moderately impressed by the utilised voice samples which bring a momentary relief from the repetitive bip-bip-bop of the music.

Tiger console box

The box is fairly modest and doesn't really make too many promises. It does indeed have 5 in-built functions and there certainly were game carts included. The biggest gripe I have is that the screen is crystal clear. That's a damn fine screen they're peddling. In reality, the screen is closer to my crudely 'shopped mock-up below.

Tiger console flare mockup

I did try taking a photograph of how bad the screen was but I was concerned that the reflection of the camera flash might leave a black, burnt outline of myself on the wall.

Sorry for the shortness of the article but I'll report back a little later on the games and perhaps an in-depth article on its history once I've had a chance to play around with it a little more.

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